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NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology Cover Completed!

NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology Front Cover


 This week we received back the final version of the NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology cover. We have updated the +NovoPulp Google+ page (aka #G+SF Anthology) cover and avatar to include it.  MEGA thanks to +Daniela Huguet Taylor for putting this wonderful cover together on top of the typesetting and of course to +Marc Reynes Ferra 

Here is a sneak peek of how the original image looked when it was first being conceived:

NovoPulp Gift Store Opens Whilst Anthology is Delayed - MASSIVE Sale Now On!

NovoPulp Dark T-Shirt - CafePress

NovoPulp Christmas Stocking - CafePressNovoPulp Bag - CafePress





Get my NovoPulp gifts before Christmas: USA | UK

Today NovoPulp has launched the first phase of our CafePress gift store in light of recent delays with the anthology. Although it does not contain the full list of products we wanted to launch with this year, it is a good start. 

The original NovoPulp logo was designed by +Ted Ewen when he first conceived of this project in 2012 (then called #G+SF Anthologies). It then grew to become a part of the new web banner by +Kristopher Marshall, and will be part of the anthology book cover by +Daniela Huguet Taylor. The original NovoPulp logo is now available on a new range of gifts from todayAll profits are shared amongst the contributors of the NovoPulp anthology  - so support indie this Christmas!


NovoPulp 2013 Acceptance Letters Go Out

It has taken sometime to get all the administrative work in place before we confirmed the entrants for 2013. After much computer, electric, and Internet trouble - not to mention a blown up fridge - we have finally finalised the profit share breakdown for the 2013/2014 period. This allowed us to finish the acceptance contracts so each person knows what percentage they will get for their individual efforts. We also sent out rejection letters and revision requests for next year. Profit percentages for accepted contributions will be based on the word count for each writer and a fixed share for artists. A fixed HQ share will be divided based on the role and amount of work done by each HQ member.


NovoPulp 2013 Deadline Has Passed

NovoPulp 2013 Submission Status (Pre-edit)Ten days ago the deadline passed for the 2013 edition of the NovoPulp anthology. We are currently still editing the spate of submissions that came in during August, so until then we won't have an exact word count, nor will we be able to release the profit share breakdown for this year. Any submissions from now on will be considered for next year's anthology...


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NovoPulp: Speculative Fiction Anthology
NovoPulp have created a number of badges that you can use to highlight both your work and involvement with us. If you contribute to NovoPulp and have a website, blog, profile, or the like, feel free to download the badges and use them. If you would like to help support NovoPulp, but are unable to get involved yourself, then you may use the banner or cover art instead...

We Need You!

Let’s bring back the best of the days of Pulp: Fiction written by and for those who love the genre. Pushing boundaries, asking questions, demanding answers, and even providing some.

We’d like to collect, anthologise, and produce one volume a year of the very best Speculative Fiction that G+ can provide. We also want to publish a quarterly edition for serials. All comers are welcome – we want everyone to have the chance to put their ideas before the world, to be the one who saw what the rest of us didn’t – or wouldn’t – and so change the world...


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