We have pondered this long and hard and we have decided that there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Therefore with a strong nod to Analog and Asimov’s, here are our submission guidelines:

We are interested in fiction which asks the fundamental questions about our world, the universe, and our place within them and which helps us to explore the possibilities of our futures. We believe that a good story is more important than a genre label, so if you think your story is good and falls under the broad umbrella of Speculative Fiction, please do submit it for consideration.

As we are an indie start-up, we don’t have a fixed price per word. We pay a percentage of the revenues according to the word-count you contributed to each publication. (See an example of a NovoPulp Profit Breakdown.) Note: We also have a strict editorial policy of CUT ALL YOU MUST, so padded stories will not remain so after the editorial process. We want tight prose and great stories not 400 words of superfluous description. Your work may be sent back to you by the editor. You will have one further attempt with a different editor, once you have rewritten and resubmitted your piece. After that it will be considered rejected. We reserve the right to deny resubmissions.


Word Count Guide
Flash Fiction : up to 2,000 words
Short Story : 2,000 - 7,000 words
Novella: 7,000 - 12,000 words

Novels longer than 20,000 words can be submitted and will be considered for special editions. These special editions will only be published when we have enough material to do so.

Manuscript Guidelines
All written submissions will be made through email: writing at novopulp dot com

Submissions are in plain text so please keep markup to an absolute minimum. Please use Google+ style formatting for text:

  • *Bold* e.g *No!*
  • _Italic_ e.g. _Yes!_
  • Please put a hash # at the end of each paragraph.
  • Please put three hashes ### at each scene break.

Otherwise use the guide in this Website: http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html

Please use your real world information when submitting a piece. This is strictly necessary and no exceptions will be allowed. If you wish to publish under a pseudonym, please include that in your submission. Your information will only ever be used for official purposes and only when absolutely required. We will not share your information with anyone other than as required by applicable law. Basically this means we will use it to pay you and to report the income for tax purposes if required.

Art Guidelines
Arts or photography submissions can be emailed to: art at novopulp dot com

We ask for images without watermarks so we can use it as source material for covers or stand alone art within the anthology. All submissions are private, only project managers can view them and selected H.Q. members who need to work with it. If your image becomes a cover piece then there will be text on the front cover to protect it and a credit in the book. If images are used within the anthology each piece will be credited along side the art itself. This way artists are always credited.

Rights Information
NovoPulp does not wish to impose upon your hard work, so we ask only for the non-exclusive World-Wide rights to publish submitted material in the anthologies, Website and other media outlets in order to sell your work. We want to do everything we can to promote your work and we promise to use it responsibly.

Submission Requirements
Please include the following information in your email to NovoPulp along with your submission: real name, pen name (if applicable), email, postal address, telephone (including country code), story title, story genre, word count, Google+ Profile URL, image URL, author bio, plus any notes or comments you may have. Failure to do so may delay the handling of your submission.

More details can be found on our page We Need You!